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How Do I Redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher

Southwest LUV Vouchers are one of the factors that contribute to Southwest Airlines becoming the best airline. If you're a regular traveller from Southwest Airlines, one day or another, you have got LUV Vouchers, and now the question arises, "How Do I redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher?". If you were affected by Southwest's operational meltdown over the holidays in 2022, you might have gotten a LUV coupon in addition to any refunds or reimbursements. LUV coupons have expiration dates, but you might only be able to fly Southwest for a while! Continue reading to discover how to convert your LUV coupon into a non-expiring travel credit. Southwest LUV Vouchers are one of the factors that contribute to Southwest Airlines becoming the best airline. 

Get Everything know About How Do I Redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher

You may redeem your LUV certificates by visiting Southwest Airlines' official website or using the Southwest Airlines mobile application. To redeem your LUV Voucher, you must complete the steps below. 

  • Launch the official Southwest Airlines website or mobile application. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions to make new reservations. 
  • When you see the payment option, click the Southwest LUV coupon at the bottom. 
  • You must now enter the coupon number and security code shown below. 
  • After the payment has been deducted, the e-ticket may be printed.  

Can I sell my Southwest LUV Voucher? 

No, you can't sell your Southwest LUV Voucher. As per Southwest airline's policy, you can't sell your Southwest LUV Voucher. Once you have purchased your Voucher, try to use it in the given time frame or else you have to wait. If you want to use it in the future, try to travel from the Southwest airline. In these types of cases, the airline may change its policy. Meanwhile, you can also talk to the customer care service of Southwest Airlines about your voucher-related query. 

Are Southwest Airlines LUV Vouchers transferable?

If you are afraid and don't know what to do with the vouchers, you decide to transfer them to your family member or friend. So you don't have to worry about it. You can quickly transfer your LUV Voucher to your family member or friend. You only have to enter your security code and voucher number and can transfer your Voucher to anyone you want. That is the best thing you can do so that your Voucher doesn't get wasted, and someone going to travel somewhere will use it for their comfort. For more information on the transfer of the LUV vouchers, you can call the customer care service of Southwest Airlines. 

How Do I Use Southwest LUV Voucher?  

To use the Southwest LUV Voucher, you must first book the flight ticket. Proceed to the payment option. Then follow the steps written below. 

  • Once you make your payment, you will get a voucher link. 
  • Click on the provided link to see the LUV tab. 
  • Enter the voucher number.
  • Enter the security code given below the voucher number. 
  • Confirm the payment by using the Southwest airline LUV Voucher.    

How long are LUV Vouchers good for? 

LUV Vouchers are good for 6-12 months from purchasing your ticket. You can use the Voucher or transfer it to another family member. If you have reached the expiration date and want to save it, so in this situation you can call the customer care service of Southwest Airlines, and they will tell you about the policies related to the LUV vouchers. 

Will Southwest Airlines extend a LUV Voucher?  

No, Southwest Airlines doesn't allow you to extend a LUV Voucher. Although you can book the LUV Voucher for the upcoming reservations in advance. You can redeem the amount left on the vouchers by following the points below:

  • Book a Flight ticket in advance by using LUV Vouchers. 
  • You can upgrade your seat and class by using LUV Voucher. 
  • You can also take special flights using the LUV Voucher. 

Do Southwest LUV Vouchers expire? 

Yes, Southwest LUV Vouchers expire as the duration of LUV Vouchers is only between 6-12 months. After this duration, you can't take advantage of LUV Vouchers. It also depends on the type of Voucher you have purchased. The expiration date of vouchers is printed on the Voucher. If you don't know how to use your Voucher and the expiration date is nearer, you can book your flight in advance using the LUV Voucher. 

Why Did Southwest Send Me a LUV Voucher? 

Southwest Airlines sends you a voucher as a gesture of goodwill. Maybe because they could not solve your query and to make the connection between the customer and company strong, they sent you a Voucher to show that they care about their customers. You can also purchase the Voucher from the airline's official website. 


An airline voucher is similar to a coupon or credit that you may receive from an airline. Airline coupons may only be used for products or services from the airline they were issued! You may be eligible for an airline voucher if your flight is cancelled or delayed. An airline voucher can be redeemed for a new ticket or item, or service on a subsequent journey with the same airline. A voucher may only be redeemed for a flight or in-flight products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher?

A. To redeem your Southwest LUV Voucher, visit the airline's website, enter the voucher number during the booking process, and apply it to your reservation.

Q. What is the expiration date for Southwest LUV Vouchers?

A. Southwest LUV Vouchers typically have an expiration date, so check yours for the specific validity period.

Q. Can I use multiple LUV Vouchers on a single Southwest booking?

A. Yes, you can use multiple LUV Vouchers on one booking if needed.

Q. Are there any restrictions on using LUV Vouchers with Southwest Airlines?

A. Some restrictions apply, like not being able to use them for government fares. Review the voucher's terms and conditions for details.

Q. What if my Southwest LUV Voucher doesn't cover the full cost of my flight?

A. If the voucher doesn't cover the full cost, you can pay the remaining balance using other accepted payment methods during the booking process.


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