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Call Travel Desk Privacy Policy

Call Travel Desk offers you a chance to grab cost-efficient flight deals and trips for travelers. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of the customers. With Call Travel Desk, you can be assured that the data is safe with us. We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of the information you share with us at the time of booking or using the official website. This Privacy Policy helps you understand where we use the information you provide to us on the website.

We sometimes work with other parties as a co-brand. You can check from the official website. The data you provide to us is not provided to third parties.Call Travel Desk Privacy Policy ensures the encryption between you and us. However, if you visit the listed websites using our website, you need to check their separate policies. The other websites are not subject to these policies.

What does this Privacy Policy Ensure?

The client's trust is the most important asset for us, and we make sure to keep the information to us. We take the information only for your use and never misuse it for miscellaneous activities. Along With providing superior service to the customers, the clients will be our topmost priority. To make it clear, here are our promises to the individual customers.

  • We protect each and every information shared by the client with complete confidentiality and security.
  • We limit the use and collection of the information provided by the customers. The data is used to advise the customers on some steps and sometimes administer our business.
  • We permit only authorized employees trained properly in handling the customer information. The employees who violate this privacy policy are subjected to the formal disciplinary process.
  • Also, we do not reveal customer information to any other organization except when we have already informed the customers in agreement.

We always ensure to maintain control over the confidentiality of the customers and their information. However, we may share the customer's information with some reputed companies if they have shown interest in their services and products. Remember that the policies written here do not apply to third parties.

Whenever we hire different organizations to provide support services, we require them to agree to our privacy policy and audit with compliance.

We strive to keep the customer files updated, complete and accurate. We inform our clients how and where we access the given information(except for the places where the law does not allow it). We ask for the user's feedback so that we can promptly correct the errors from our end.

What information do we collect?

This section covers Call Travel Desk Travel Agency information when taking entries from customers. We take the customers' names, addresses, and contact details to make the bookings. However, our company never misuses the information and always asks for permission to access a client's account. Below is the information we collect:


When a user registers themselves on the website, we collect personal data that include name, address, telephone number, emails, and facts about your computer. We do not collect the information of users below 13 years. Additionally, if the user is under 18 years, the consent form of their parents/guardians is required unless access to the website is not allowed to the minor.

Website usage information:

We automatically collect the IP address and the website usage information when you visit our website. This information helps us check the frequency of the users visiting the parts on our website. Besides, the information helps to understand the time duration of a user's visits.

How do we use the collected information?

The information we collect with you is used in the following ways:

  • For this purpose, you have provided the information in the first place.
  • To send you the confirmation emails and notifications for the update and new products, offers, services, etc.
  • To upgrade the existing features and product services.
  • To permit us to personalize the contents, you need to see for preferences.
  • We may combine the information we collected with the other products and services.

We may disclose and use the personal information in some cases where it is necessary to support our Terms and Conditions. We may also disclose the information in the legal process or training purpose.


As per the Call Travel Desk Travel Policy, the private information shared with the website once is saved in the cookies. If you accept the cookies of our website, the process gets faster the next time. The data stored in the cookies allows you to save time in providing the same information in the email. A cookie is a string of details sent to the website and temporarily stored in the hard drive and your computer's memory.


The personally identifiable information we take about you is stored in the selected servers. We maintain and secure the security of these servers of your personal information and ensure to keep it encrypted. Moreover, the data stored in your phone or device is secured, and we do not use it for agency purposes.

Internet-based transfers

As we are aware that the internet is a global environment, internet collection involves transmitting the necessary data. Hence, when you visit the official website of Call Travel Desk and reach us electronically, you allow us to acknowledge and access the data you shared with us. Remember that the policies you agreed with the browser you are using do not imply us. All the data we take from the internet is based on this policy.

Policy Modifications

The policies we mention here are modified from time to time, seeing the changes in the technologies. When the policies are upgraded, we ask for the permissions again. The updated policies are posted here as well. However, our promise not to use the information without your permission stays intact. The information you provide is not used without your prior consent.

Comments and questions

If you have any questions related to the Call Travel Desk Privacy policy, you can contact the agency's customer service. As our customers, your feedback is always valuable to us, and we look forward to your comments to improve our services better. To find our contact details, you can visit the Contact Us page given at the bottom of this page.


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