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How to Use Air Canada Points On Emirates

Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada by size and passengers carried. Air Canada maintains its headquarters in the borough of Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. The airline, founded in 1937, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 222 destinations worldwide. It is a founding member of the Star Alliance.Air Canada ranks as a premium airline, although low-cost fares are available via the Express service. Generally, travelers can choose between Signature, Business, Premium Economy, Full Economy, and Discount Economy classes - although the exact mix varies depending on the planes involved.

Book a Cheaper Emirates flight by using Air Canada Points

Flights can be costly so airlines offer the miles and points in order that travelers can book their tickets at an affordable price. Moreover an airline like Air Canada allows passengers to use their points with another airline which is Emirates. So if you have points in your Aeroplan Membership Program, then these can be used to book the Emirates flight. 

In this article, we have tried to inform you completely about Air Canada Airlines, how to use its points, transfer of Miles and many more. 

Can You Use Air Canada Points To Upgrade On Emirates ? 

Yes, points of Air Canada can be used to upgrade the Emirates Flight. It is possible to redeem points for Emirates booking if you have a frequent flyer number. But for the partners, award pricing can be different. 

If you need to upgrade on Emirates then you can follow the steps that are mentioned below :

  • Firstly, sign in to your Skywards Account. 
  • Then go to the " manage booking" option. 
  • Enter your last name and ticket number. 
  • Now select your flight and click on the "upgrade flight" option. 
  • Select the airlines to make the payment. 
  • Lastly enter your Aeroplan number. 

Furthermore, above mentioned points can be used to book vacations, flights, seats and other additional services. The services make travel smooth and comfortable for multi-destination. 

How Many Air Canada Points Do You Need For Emirates Flight Booking? 

The points which are required to book the Emirates Flight vary and depend on the fare and destination. 

  • For economy fare, you need a minimum of 15000 points. 
  • For business, you need around 30000 points. 
  • For first class, you need 65000 points to book the flight. 

If the passengers do not have the sufficient points then they can make the rest of the payment in cash or credit. 

Can I Transfer Air Canada Miles To Another Airline ? 

There are various advantages of the transferring of Air Canada Miles to another airlines such as :

  • You could be able to complete an account with the few points needed to make a reservation,
  • You can enjoy benefits such as a free fifth night with Marriott Bonvoy
  • Sometimes you may be able to take advantage of the status a family member has acquired with the loyalty program
  • You can also convert points into an airline program at a discounted rate, such as Marriott Bonvoy at 60,000 points

But, the airlines do not allow the transfer of  Miles from one airline to another. However, you can share Aeroplan points with another Aeroplan member without any fee. 

You can join multiple member airline frequent flyer programmes if you wish, but they are each managed separately, so you cannot transfer miles or points between them or combine them into one.

For further queries regarding this, you can contact the customer care agents by dialing 1 (800) 777 3999.

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Air Canada Miles ? 

According to the Loyalty Program,transfer of the Miles of Air Canada may cost you between 1.5 and 2 cents per mile from one Aeroplan Account to another. 

Family sharing lets you share points without any transfer fees. Family Members can redeem from the shared balance for themselves or anyone else at no additional cost.

Here, we have tried to accommodate relatively all the details about Air Canada Airlines,how to use its points, cost of transfer of Miles,etc. 

We have also tried to answer the probable questions that customers might wonder about.

If passengers are facing any further queries then they should visit the official website of the Air Canada Airlines. 

Thank you for your time and patience. 

Hope you have a safe and joyful travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use Air Canada points to book Emirates flights?

A. No, you cannot directly use Air Canada points (Aeroplan miles) to book Emirates flights. Emirates is not part of the Aeroplan airline partners.

Q. Are there any ways to use Air Canada points for Emirates flights indirectly?

A. No, Air Canada points are not transferable or redeemable for Emirates flights.

Q. How can I redeem Emirates Skywards miles for Emirates flights?

A. To book Emirates flights, you should use Emirates Skywards miles, which can be earned through Emirates' loyalty program.

Q. Can I book a codeshare flight between Air Canada and Emirates using points?

A. Codeshare flights between Air Canada and Emirates may be booked using points, depending on the specific partnership and availability.

Q. Is there a recommended method for booking Emirates flights with points from Canada?

A. For Emirates flights from Canada, it's best to accumulate Emirates Skywards miles or explore transferable credit card rewards programs that partner with Emirates.


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