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How can I change my flight to Royal Jordanian

The national airline of Jordan, Royal Jordanian Airlines, known initially as Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines, has its headquarters in Amman. With more than 500 weekly flights and at least 110 departures daily, the airline runs regular scheduled international services between its main base at Queen Alia International Airport and four continents. 

Easy Steps to Change Your Flight with Royal Jordanian

After booking the ticket with Royal Jordanian Airlines, if you need help with problems like how can I change my flight on Royal Jordanian or if your plan got cancelled or got postponed to another date, you can change the time and date according to your schedule. You can change the date and time of your flight 24 hours before the scheduled flight. You can go to the Royal Jordanian ticket counter at the airport and ask them to help you, and they will gladly help you. If you still need help with issues, please contact Royal Jordanian customer service at +962.6.5100000. They will be happy to help you with any queries regarding Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Royal Jordanian Flight Change Through Customer Service

Suppose you cannot go to the airport before 24 hours to change your  Royal Jordanian flight ticket date or time. In that case, you can call customer support by visiting their official website and clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page or by calling +962.6.5100000. They will ask you about the flight details. You should give them proper details without fail and the proper gmail id so they can give you the new ticket according to your scheduled flight. If you make an error while doing so, the airlines will not be responsible for any loss you face. Please read all the terms and conditions on the official website of Royal Jordanian Airlines. If you still need clarification about changing my flight to Royal Jordanian, email them at IBESUPPORT@rj.com.

Royal Jordanian Ticket Change at an Airport

Suppose the airport is easily accessible and you can go to the ticket counter quickly. In that case, that's the better thing to do as you will be getting your original ticket in your hand with the proper information and details provided by you. You might need to help email them or contact customer support to change your ticket. After reaching the airport:

  1. Go to the ticket counter. 
  2. They will ask for your valid id that you should give them for confirmation.
  3. If there are any additional charges, then you should pay that.
  4. After all the procedures, they will provide you with a new ticket. You can take the ticket and enjoy your trip.

How do I change my Royal Jordanian flight date?

To change your flight date, you must reach the airport 24 hrs before the scheduled flight.

  1. Go to the ticket counter
  2. Tell the person in charge about your date-changing issue
  3. They will ask you for your valid id and the original ticket you purchased from an authorized booker.
  4. Provide them with all the details that they ask for and pay the additional charges, if any.
  5. They will provide you with a new ticket with a new detail on it
  6. Enjoy your trip on the desired date 

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight on Royal Jordanian?

If you are going to a domestic location, you must pay the Royal Jordanian change flight date cost, which ranges from 180 to 240 USD. You must spend between 240 and 300 USD if you are travelling to any international location.

What is the Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy?

It is straightforward to change your ticket with Royal Jordanian Airlines, but before you do, make sure you are aware of the policies listed below in their simplest form:

  1. Royal Jordanian Airlines allows travellers to adjust their tickets at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. 
  2. If the modifications are not completed in the allotted time, the airlines have all the right to refuse to make any changes. Royal Jordanian will charge a change flight fee if the passenger does not make the necessary modifications in time. 
  3. There are various ways to change a Royal Jordanian flight. The points of purchase are where the passengers must make the changes.
  4. The customer would be required to pay the difference in the flight cost to make any modifications if the prior Royal Jordanian flight fare was less than the fare for the new journey.
  5. When changing a group reservation, the passengers must make their changes separately from the rest of the group. To make the changes, enter the PNR number of the ticket that needs to be altered.
  6.  Royal Jordanian Airlines allows date changes, and the process is straightforward. The airlines need ample time to accommodate the change request, so the adjustments must be made at least one day before the scheduled departure.
  7. As stated in the Royal Jordanian Airlines policy, a traveller may be unable to modify it if they purchased a ticket with the "Award Travel" option. 

What is the Royal Jordanian Date Change Policy?

Below is the list of policies made by Royal Jordanian Airlines for the date change on your ticket; please read all the terms and conditions before changing anything related to your ticket:

  1. You can receive a 5% discount on the total fee even though you would still be responsible for paying the difference between the prices of the prior flight and the new one.
  2. You cannot demand reimbursement if the airline cancels your upgrade on the new flight. Any adjustments to the flight can cause disruptions, so the airline's class upgrade is just a show of goodwill.
  3. You can update the information online by visiting the airline's official website.

What is the Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy?

The name change policy is the most straightforward job to do. Just remember the airlines' policies before opting for the changes on your ticket:

  1. Any name alterations can only be done before 24 hours of the scheduled flight. 
  2. You can write to the royal club with the proper documentation attached for the name change on your ticket. It will help the airlines to cross-check all the details regarding the issue.
  3. You can only partially change the name and market it. Only a typing error can cause the name changes to be corrected. Some class fares, nevertheless, would let you give your family the ticket.
  4. It is simplest to change your name by calling or going directly to Royal Jordanian Airlines' ticket centre.


Before reaching any conclusion regarding the name change, date change or any other changes on the ticket, the passenger should read the terms and conditions of Royal Jordanian Airlines on their official website. If you are still worried about my flight on Royal Jordanian, or in case of any queries, you can contact customer care and seek help from them on the numbers given at the start of the article. They will be happy to serve you.

Thank you 

Have a safe fligh

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I change my Royal Jordanian flight reservation?

A. You can change your Royal Jordanian flight by contacting their customer service, visiting their website, or using the Royal Jordanian mobile app.

Q. Is there a fee for changing my Royal Jordanian flight?

A. Flight change fees may apply, depending on your ticket type and the timing of the change. Check their policy for details.

Q. Can I change my flight online through the Royal Jordanian website?

A. Yes, you can often make flight changes online through the Royal Jordanian website by logging into your booking.

Q. What information do I need to change my flight with Royal Jordanian?

A. You'll need your booking reference or ticket number to initiate the change process.

Q. Is there a deadline for changing a flight with Royal Jordanian?

A. Flight change deadlines may vary. It's best to request changes as early as possible to minimize fees and ensure availability.


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