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Ensuring a seamless trip experience, Justfly organizes flights, accommodations, and rentals in one place, distinguishing itself from competitors through this distinct emphasis. They will provide a refund if lower-priced reservations are uncovered during JustFly's 24-hour window. The promise instills a deep sense of peace, giving customers long-lasting serenity. It's apparent why preparations for a journey top everyone's list. Don't be concerned! We've got you covered. Our aptitude for adaptability translates into economic alternatives for our clients, courtesy of JustFly. Modifications to ticket pricing lead the airline to create adaptable policies. Want to know more about Justfly's cancellation policy? Keep reading. We will inform you about many other things related to the Justfly flight cancellation policy for 2023. Below is the Justfly flight cancellation policy for 2023:

  • Online Justfly cancellation is possible.
  • Justfly cancellation lets you cancel local and international flights, hotels, auto rentals, and other travel requirements.
  • After canceling a Justfly ticket online, you will receive a refund to your original payment address.
  • Justfly flight cancellation refunds are granted within 7-10 business days following cancellation.
  • If payment is late, Justfly tickets will be canceled automatically.

You can get connected to Justfly's customer care service at +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1-800-717-5015. They will provide you with an agent who will guide you further related to the Justfly Cancellation Policy.

Key Guidelines JustFly Cancellation Policy

Follow these guidelines to cancel a JustFly ticket:

  • JustFly's cancellation policy allows cancellations.
  • JustFly covers all cancellations.
  • Clients can report issues online or offline.
  • JustFly customers can cancel flights by calling customer care.
  • JustFly returns to your savings account.
  • There is no charge for flight cancellation due to an emergency.

Document required for just fly flight cancellation

Visit the JustFly website and go to Manage Booking. Enter the PNR/Booking Reference number and the passenger's last name for cancellation. By following this, you can easily cancel your JustFly flight. But you should always have your ID card and passport with you as it may need any time. 

Justfly Cancellation via Phone Number

Want to cancel your flight booked with JustFly? You can do so by calling their customer service phone number. The phone number for Justfly customer service is +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1-800-717-5015. A customer service agent who can help you with canceling will be available when you call. Be prepared to provide the representative with your booking details, such as your reservation number and flight information. They will guide you through the cancellation process and answer any questions. 

Justfly Cancellation via email

  • You can use support@justfly.com to send your query related to JustFly cancellation. 
  • Compose email: Open the email client and create a new email. Include flight details and "Cancellation" in the subject line. State your intention and provide contact information in the email.
  • Cancel flight ticket. Please provide the flight number, date, and passenger names. This is important for JustFly to process your cancellation request.

JustFly Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Cancelling JustFly flights may incur a fee in certain cases. Passengers can cancel flights within 24 hours without charges. 

There may be a service fee to annoy you for other matters. It varies based on fare type, route, destination, and time. Clients should check the official website or call our toll-free number for free updates.


JustFly is the best option for people who want to compare the prices of flights and choose to fly cheaply. In this article, we gave you information about JustFly's cancellation policy, their fees, how to reach them via different methods, etc. I hope you read this article carefully so that you don't stress. Stay Safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Justfly's 24-hour cancellation policy?

A. Cancel within 24 hours for a full refund if booked seven days in advance. Also, No fee will be charged, No cancellation fee if flight conditions are met. Justfly's 24-hour cancellation may let you cancel the flight without a refund, but you can use the original value for future travel.

Q. Will I receive a full refund if I cancel within 24 hours?

A. You have 24 hours from when you make your reservation to seek a cancellation and receive a full refund. After your cancellation request has been processed, a refund for your Justfly flight will be given to you in 7–10 business days. 

Q. Can I modify my Booking within the 24-hour cancellation window instead of canceling it?

A. Yes, you can modify your Booking within 24 hours of booking your reservation, as JustFly allows passengers to change or modify their flight tickets. Thai feature is made to provide comfortability to their passengers. 

Q. How long does it take to receive the refund after canceling within 24 hours with Justfly?

A. After your cancellation request has been processed, a refund for your Justfly flight will be given to you in 7–10 business days.  

Q. Is the 24-hour cancellation policy applicable to all bookings on Justfly?

A. All refundable and non-refundable reservations on the website would be subject to the Justfly cancellation policy. On the unused portion of the ticket, Justfly's cancellation policy would apply.


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