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What is United Airlines' cancellation policy?

United Airlines, based in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in the 1920s. United Airlines has always kept its passenger's comfort as its priority and has always offered a range of services, including different classes of travel, in-flight entertainment, and onboard amenities. Passengers often appreciate airlines offering flexibility in booking, rescheduling, and cancellation, especially in unforeseen circumstances. You can always call 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or +1 (833) 549-4777, United Airlines customer service, to understand all the guidelines of the cancellation policy or to know your ticket type. United Cancellation policy's basic framework is like this:

  • You are welcome to cancel your flights within 24 hours from the original time of the reservation; that is a totally risk-free cancellation under which you are not charged with any cancellation fees on most of the ticket types.
  • If United Airlines cancels the flight, they will inform you beforehand. And you are entitled to get a rebooked flight or a refund. But there is no obligation to accept the rebooking, and you can simply ask for a refund in that case.
  • You can get a full refund for most types of tickets, including basic economy if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. Just make sure you book at least one week before your flight.
  • If you are canceling your flight for some medical reasons, then you can reach out to the airline directly. Please provide them with a copy of your medical certificate and request the possible waiver of any cancellation fees that may apply.

Can I cancel my United flight without penalty?

If you find yourself doubtful about your travel plans and don't want to pay cancellation fees with United Airlines, you need to understand their cancellation policy. If you have booked the flight a week before the departure date, then you can cancel your tickets within 24 hours of your booking. This 24-hour window serves as a grace period during which you can alter your plans without any charges, giving some flexibility to passengers after booking; this policy applies to most types of tickets. However, once this 24-hour period is over, the airline may impose a cancellation fee. It's essential to be aware of this potential cost. 

How much does United charge for the cancellation fee?

There could be times when you are not sure about going on the scheduled trip and want to cancel your booked flights. United Airlines understands its customers' dilemma and tries to give them a chance to cancel their trip without any fees or charges and the opportunity to get a full cash refund. Because of this, they offer a 24-hour risk-free window for the cancellation of all basic economy fares, but after the time frame, you have to pay the cancellation fee, which is $200. That is why it is advised to first read all the guidelines before making reservations with any Airline so that you can use their services without paying any additional charges.

How do I contact United Airlines customer care?

United Airlines is one of the largest and oldest airlines which is trusted by the huge number of its passengers. To maintain the trust and faith of its passengers in its services, United Airlines offers a number of channels through which it provides its customer care. These are some ways which can help you contact United Airlines:

Customer service number: Connecting to customer care through a phone is one of the direct methods used by most customers. It would be best if you were prepared with all the booking details and other information required before making a call. Follow these steps:

  • Call at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or +1 (833) 549-4777.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions carefully
  • Select your language and the nature of the issue by pressing the suitable number.
  • You can even select to talk to the live agent.
  • Mention all your queries and concerns, and request them to assist you.
  • Listen to their assistance attentively to find a solution for your issue.

Live Chat: You can find the option to live chat on their official website. To live chat with the United Airlines representative, follow these steps:

  • Search www.United.com on the web browser.
  • Open the 'menu' on the top right of the screen.
  • Go to the 'Help' section there.
  • There you can find the option of 'Chat with us.' You can start the chat then and there by clicking on 'Chat now.'

Email: You can also send an email to the Airlines regarding your issue at customercare@united.com. You can write to them all your problems and concerns in detail. Additionally, you have to mention all your booking details and other information required. It is important to know that this method is effective only if you don't need urgent assistance.

Mobile app: United Airlines is also offering its customer care services through mobile apps. So, to get access to this facility, you can download the app on your device from the app store. Later, you can log in with your account and get the benefit of connecting to customer service through your mobile app.

Social media: United Airlines is available on many social media platforms for their customers only. They tend to answer your general queries on social media, which you may send through messages or by mentioning them.

Here are some of their social media links:

Does United have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, United Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy, under which you are free to cancel your flights whenever you want, but within 24 hours of booking the flight. This is a risk-free cancellation, which gives the advantage to most types of ticket holders to get a full cash refund with no cancellation fees. But the most important thing to note is that once this 24-hour period is over, you will not be liable to get any benefits of this policy, additionally, you have to pay a cancellation charge on your flight cancellation as well. 


United Airlines has a customer-friendly cancellation policy that comes with specific terms and conditions. If you're looking for information on cancellation fees and situations where no charges apply, read the above article. You can also find information about how to get in touch with United Airlines. Also, find out the Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I cancel a United Airlines flight online?

A. To cancel a United Airlines flight online, log in to your account on the official website, find your reservation, and follow the prompts to cancel. You can also contact United Airlines customer service at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or +1 (833) 549-4777 for assistance.

Q. What is United Airlines' cancellation policy?

A. United Airlines allows passengers to cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking for a full refund, as long as the booking was made at least one week before the flight departure.

Q. How much does it cost to cancel a United Airlines flight?

A. The cancellation fee for United Airlines varies based on factors such as the type of ticket and when the cancellation occurs. Generally, fees can range from $0 to $200 or more.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel my United Airlines flight?

A. Refunds for canceled United Airlines flights depend on the type of ticket. While some tickets are refundable, others may only qualify for a travel credit or no compensation at all.


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