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How Do I Cancel Arabia Flights

Air Arabia is one of the most recognized airlines to date. It is well-known for providing reliable services to its customers.

Your guide in cancelling arabia flights

However, there may be cases where customers need to cancel their flights on account of any reason or due to any urgency. In such a case customers need to adhere to the cancellation policy of Air Arabia and other related guidelines. 

What is the cancellation policy of Air Arabia?

Customers who wish to cancel their bookings made with Arabia need to stay within the given framework of Air Arabia – 

  • If passengers make cancellations within 24 hours of their booking then they are not to pay a single even a single penny as cancellation charges.
  • To cancel bookings, the flights should have been reserved through appropriate means. Any reservations made using any unauthorized or unrecognized means would not be eligible for cancellation or any refund on cancellation.
  • Any reservation made using any promotional code or promotional ticket is not entitled to cancellation.
  • There may be cases where Air Arabia itself cancels your flight on account of any technical glitches, then in such cases, passengers are allotted the earliest next flight.
  • Air Arabia’s cancellation policy covers the scope of both refundable and non-refundable reservations.
  • Air Arabia provides several means to proceed with the cancellation process. Customers can make use of phone calls, e-mail IDs, or any other relevant means to cancel their bookings.
  • The last request for cancellation can be made 60 minutes before the departure time.

If cancellation is made outside the given framework, the customer becomes ineligible to make claims from the airline

What is the cancellation process of Air Arabia?

Customers can make an instant and easy cancellation in online mode. Let us learn about the process – 

  • Visit the official website of Air Arabia.
  • Scroll down to the ‘manage flights’ option.
  • Proceed ahead by clicking on the cancel flight option.
  • Now enter all the details as the reservation number, your name, the date and timings of the flight, etc.
  • You will be taken to the next page where you can see your bookings and the related details.
  • Proceed with cancellation.
  • Enter the relevant reason for which the cancellation is being made.
  • Pay the requisite cancellation fees.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered e-mail id supporting your cancellation.

How do I get my money back from Air Arabia on cancellation?

Air Arabia provides money back facility on cancellation of refundable tickets and in some cases, on non-refundable tickets as well.

Customers are required to request Air Arabia to get their money refunded on the cancellation of their bookings. 

Here are the simple and easy steps that customers can follow to get refunds on cancellations: -

  • Visit the official website of Air Arabia.
  • Scroll down to the ‘manage bookings’ tab.
  • Enter the asked details and proceed further.
  • You will land on the next page where you can find the ‘cancel’ option.
  • Under the head, you can see the ‘money back’ option.
  • Click the tab.
  • You will be required to fill out the form properly that is shown on your screen.
  • Submit the form.  
  • Your request for money back has now been properly registered with Air Arabia.

Alternatively, customers can also make a request using the phone call service. They would need to dial +971 600 508001.

They can register their request over the call and would need to provide all the details to the agent.

Customers can provide their details to the agent latest within 10 working days.

Refunds will be allowed to the customers if he works within the guidelines as provided.

How do I claim my Air Arabia refund?

Passengers need to fill out the request form to claim the refunds for the canceled bookings. This option is for those who are comfortable enough in online mode.

Passengers who do not rely on online transactions are not comfortable in online mode, or who face any difficulty using the Internet, can request a refund using the phone call service.

Passengers may dial +971600508001. This will directly get them in touch with the representative over there. They may request him to submit their refund request.

Passengers should provide the representative with all the details that they may ask for. A confirmation mail will be sent to their registered e-mail ids on submission of the request form.

How much do I need to pay for the cancellation of an Air Arabia Flight?

The cancellation charges directly depend on the type of flight.

A direct charge of 80% of the ticket fare is payable on the cancellation of an international flight. 

It is 30% of the ticket fare in case a domestic flight has been canceled.

What if I cancel my Air Arabia flight?

The following cases are possible: -

  • No cancellation charges if cancellation takes place within 24 hours of booking.
  • Refunds are credited on submission of ‘request refund forms’.
  • Refunds are allowed only if the bookings are canceled at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight. Cancellation charges may apply.
  • No refunds are allowed in cases where cancellation takes place beyond 48 hours limit.

Customers can refer to the above-explained procedure to claim refunds.

What is Air Arabia’s refund policy?

Customers need to stay within the given policies as framed by Air Arabia to claim refunds.

Air Arabia’s Refund Policy:

  • Full of refund is allowed if cancellation takes place within 24 hours of booking.
  • The refund amount depends upon the type of fare ticket that you purchased.
  • No refunds are allowed if you had booked non-refundable tickets.
  • In the case of Flexi or Value Fare, a refund would be subjected to certain terms and conditions. Customers need to adhere to those terms and conditions to avail of refunds.
  • There may be cases where Air Arabia itself cancels your flight on account of any technical glitches, then in such cases, passengers are allotted full of refunds.
  • If cancellations are made within the given time limits then charges for ancillaries (such as baggage facility, seat selection, etc.) purchased are also refunded.
  • Customers may make use of any means to contact the service department and can make requests for refunds.

How do I use my Air Arabia refund?

Air Arabia provides two ways where customers can apply for their refunded money: -

Online utilization: Customers while making new bookings online can use their refunded money.

They should tap the ‘redemption refund’ option on the payment gateway. The refunded money would be completely redeemed towards new bookings.

Phone call utilization: Customers can dial +971600508001 to connect to the agent to book their tickets. Customers can request the agent to apply their refunded money towards new bookings.

This is all on the part of Air Arabia’s refund policy and related guidelines. Here, we have tried to cover almost all the details regarding refunds.

For more information, customers can visit the official website of Air Arabia!

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