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Lufthansa Airline Name Change Policy

Airlines let passengers change ticket names. Lufthansa Airlines has a name change policy. Lufthansa requires the name on the flight ticket to match the passenger's official document.

Passengers should ensure their names are entered correctly when booking. Changing the airline's PNR after the fact is difficult and costly, including fees for name changes, ticket exchanges, and fare differences. Let our Lufthansa ticket name change team handle your concerns and requests hassle-free. Read the article to learn more about Lufthansa Airline Name Change Policy. 


For more information on the Lufthansa Airline Name Change Policy, call Lufthansa Airlines customer care at +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1 (800) 645-3880. You will get the best assistance from their customer service team.


Lufthansa Airline Ticket Name Change Rules

  • Ticket holders can make changes to their tickets, including name corrections.
  • Lufthansa Airlines does not allow name changes on the day of travel.
  • One name change is allowed per person.
  • Non-transferable ticket. You can't transfer tickets.
  • Only non-refundable and promo fares cannot be changed.
  • Passengers have a 24-hour risk-free period to request a free name change after booking.
  • Only unused tickets qualify for name changes.
  • Passengers can travel with a wrong/misspelt name or request a replacement ticket.
  • Change name. Lufthansa requires passengers to carry an SSR Doc on the original ticket for travel.
  • Only approved name change requests are permitted. Lufthansa doesn't handle other errors.


Lufthansa Name Correction Scenarios

Scenario 1: Third-party agents must sync the PNR between Lufthansa and the GDS system for ticket name corrections. Segments must stay active and valid.

What to do? Please correct the name in my Lufthansa booking. Reissue ticket with 'Name Correction' in endorsement box, charge $200 Lufthansa name change fee.


Scenario 2: Lufthansa can correct the name on the ticket to avoid flight cancellation. Lufthansa name change on tickets must sync with Sabre or Amadeus PNR.

What to do? Call our Lufthansa phone number to change the passenger name in PNR. Reissue ticket with 'Name Correction' in endorsement box, charge $200 Lufthansa name change fee.


Scenario 3: If PNR is made in a different system than Amadeus and Sabre. A new PNR may be required based on booking channel synchronization. 

What to do? Create a new PNR with the correct passenger's name and the same flights and class of service. Reissue ticket with 'Name Correction' in endorsement box, charge $200 Lufthansa name change fee.


Lufthansa Change Name on Booking Process

You can use online and offline methods to change your name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket. Follow the steps to change your name online and offline:


Lufthansa Change Name Online

  • Go to lufthansa.com and click on 'Manage Booking'.
  •  Enter the reference code and last name to access the flight reservation. 
  • Click the 'name change' button at the top right. The website only allows Lufthansa name corrections for up to two letters on the first, middle, or last name. 
  • Include the correct name on the travel document. Click 'Save' to continue.
  • Passengers must pay the Lufthansa misspelt name fee and fare difference at checkout. Ticket will be reissued to the same or lower class. 
  • You will get the Lufthansa name change confirmation by email after the transaction. 


Lufthansa Change Name Offline

Call +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1 (800) 645-3880 to access the Lufthansa Airlines customer service. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • When transferred to the Lufthansa executive, provide the six-digit reference code or 13-digit ticket number starting with 220. 
  • Request the agent to correct misspelt characters' names. 
  • Passengers must pay the Lufthansa misspelt name fee and fare difference to proceed. 
  • You'll get a Lufthansa name change confirmation by email after the transaction.


Fee to name change/correct name on Lufthansa Airline

Passengers can request a name change or correction for a fee under Lufthansa's name change policy. Note:

  • Passengers with the correct details can re-book a new flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • Lufthansa name change fee varies based on route, destination, and booking type.
  • The name change fee applies to OS/SN/LH/LX/4Y/WK/EN flights.


Type of Booking

Lufthansa Name Change Fee

Individual Bookings

25 USD- 200 USD

Group Bookings

110 USD Approx


Lufthansa Airlines name change customer service.

Lufthansa Airlines customer service has the best customer service team to solve your queries. They provide the best assistance to support their passengers. Call +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1 (800) 645-3880, and Lufthansa Airlines will assist you with an agent to guide you further. They are specially trained to solve your queries about changing names, baggage policy, and check-in problems. 


Lufthansa Airlines is always available to treat their passengers with the best services and hospitality. You can read about Lufthansa Airlines' name change policy, associated fees, ways to do so, and many other things. We give you enough information to change your name easily. Stay safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Lufthansa customer service phone number for name change requests?

A. Lufthansa Airlines' customer service phone number is +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1 (800) 645-3880 to solve your queries for name change requests. You will receive the best assistance from the trained customer service team.

Q. Can I change my name on a Lufthansa flight reservation online?

A. Yes, you can change your name on a Lufthansa flight reservation online. We provide you with the information above to change your name online. Follow the complete process above.

Q. Can I change my name on a non-refundable ticket?

A. You can change your name on the non-refundable ticket, but you must pay some fees. Lufthansa Airlines charges fees to change your name on a non-refundable ticket.

Q. How much does Lufthansa charge for a name change?

A. While not imposing additional fees, Lufthansa Airlines takes legislative developments into account. Just present legitimate documents, new identification cards, and the justification for the name change.

Q. How long does it take for my name change to be processed?

A. It can take some weeks or months as it is a long process. We recommend you avoid committing any mistake before booking your ticket.


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