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When we plan to go for a trip outside or within the country, we book flight tickets for our family or with friends. But sometimes we have to reschedule our trip date. While booking a ticket from the airport, the Justfly staff misspelled your name on the ticket by mistake, or when we book online on Justfly's official website and misspell by us in a hurry, or we cancel our trip for some reason. For all this reason, Justfly has a customer care service phone number available for all these types of mistakes, Justfly provides customer service in three ways:

  • By Just fly customer service phone number
  • By Justfly customer service email support
  • By Justfly customer service chat support

In this article, I will help you how to get help from Just fly customer service phone number, email support and chat support. Be with me in this article to clear all your queries about Just fly customer service phone number, email and chat support.


justfly check-in online

When you book your ticket for a trip, you have to check in. If you have not done check in online, then you have to do check-in formality at the airport which takes much time. Sometimes, you may miss your flight because you are standing in the waiting line, so you have to check in before you come to the airport to skip the check-in process and save your time and move directly to the security checkpoint, then to your gate and onto the plane. Make sure when you travel with Justfly you have check-in online. Online check-in is so easy, fast and contact-free. It is compulsory for all passengers to check-in online 48-60 hours before flight departure.

Here are some simple and easy steps to check in online by using your web browser:

  1. Go to the Justfly website and click on the check-in button.
  2. Log in with your booking references and email addresses.
  3. Click on Check-in
  4. Choose the passenger to check in and click next.
  5. Select the flight to check in and hit the next button.
  6. A dialog box will appear after clicking on the next button.
  7. Click on the confirm button.
  8. Check your flight summary, and you can also add the number of bags and click on the next button.
  9. Carefully read and answer the given dangerous good declaration and click on the continue button.
  10. Select the boarding pass options and click on check-in.
  11. If you select a boarding pass on mobile, you will receive an SMS, or if you select pdf, you will have to print and carry that and have to show it at the time of check-in.

If you have followed the above simple and easy steps. Now, you are free to skip the check-in step and directly move to the security check.


JustFly booking number

Sometimes we face problems with the internet due to bad weather conditions, network cable cut off or some other issues and we have to book a flight and have to go urgently. For this type of problem, Just fly customer service phone numbers are available. , you have to call the Just fly customer service phone number and request for a booking of the ticket(s). If you are getting confused about how to do it, don’t worry. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick your phone number and dial  +1 (833) 549-4777 / 1-800-717-5015.
  2. Justfly customer service will pick up your call. You have to request a flight ticket.
  3. You have to provide a destination, time and date of flight.
  4. If a flight is available, they will ask you, and after confirmation for a payment, if flight is not available, then they will suggest another flight according to your convenience.
  5. After confirming the flight, they will send a link to your phone number for payment, and you have to pay.
  6. After payment, you will receive a confirmation on your phone number or email ID if you have provided it.

Now your flight is booked, and you can do online check-in 48-60 hours before departure to skip the check-in line and save time.

Justfly customer service chat support

Live chat support is not offered by Justfluy. Just fly customer service phone number is available.


JustFly customer support email

Rather than a Just fly customer service phone number, justfly provides email support, which you have to send an email to justfly, which is service@justfly.com. In email support, you must mention all kinds of details such as names, passengers' ages and journey date. After sending this message, you will get an email from Justfly for confirmation or another flight if seats are not available on the flight on a particular date. After all the confirmation of the date, you will get a payment link, you pay and send the screenshot of the confirmation payment. After sending payment proof, they will send you a ticket on your email ID and a registered phone number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I reschedule my flight or make changes to my booking over the phone?

A. Justfly customer service phone number will reschedule or make changes over the phone.

Q. What should I have ready before calling the customer service phone number?

A. You have to be clear about the number of passengers, date of journey, and destination.

Q. Is the customer service phone number available 24/7?

A. Yes, the just fly customer service phone number is available 24/7.

Q. Will I be charged for calling the customer service phone number?

A. You will not be charged if you call just the customer service number.

Q. How can I find the Justfly customer service phone number?

A. You dial this 1-800-717-5015 number on your mobile number.

Q. If I have an urgent issue, should I call the customer service phone number or use another method of communication?

A. Yes, you can contact the Just fly customer service phone number or visit the airport to book a flight if you have urgent issues.


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