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How to use American Airlines miles to book on Alaska Air

Alaska Airlines is one of the major American airlines. Its main office is at SeaTac, Washington. It is the fifth-largest airline in North America. Many airlines work in partnership with each other so people can use their miles in other airlines if the airline they want to choose to use miles is affiliated with their airlines. People can not transfer american miles to Alaska Air, but they can use American Airlines miles to book on Alaska Air.

Unlock the Magic: How to Use American Airlines Miles to Book on Alaska Air

While using the American Airlines website or their official app, people can search for the option of flights operated by Alaska Airlines. The search result will make it easy to find where and on which airlines they can use their miles. And after that, go with their regular booking process and use the American miles to book on Alaska Air. 

Do American Airlines miles work in Alaska?

Even though they are not transfer partners, you can still use American miles on Alaska Air. To book the tickets on Alaska Airlines, one can redeem their American miles. American Airlines provide customers with good facilities so that their members can use the miles in other airlines, or while purchasing something on board, one can use the miles as payment.

Do American miles count for Alaska?

Yes, American miles count for Alaska. You can use the American miles on Alaska Air while travelling, but you can not transfer the miles because both airlines are non-transferred, but you can use each other's miles on each other's airlines while booking the tickets or ordering the food on board. American Airlines provides the best miles facilities. Without any issues, one can use the miles for comfort while travelling or booking a ticket.

How do I add American miles to Alaska?

American Miles provides a good upgrading system while travelling in their or any other airlines affiliated with them; people can upgrade their class on the plane when travelling in economy class, and one can upgrade their class to business class if they have enough miles in their account or they can buy food or drinks on the plane using their miles.

You can go to the official website of Alaska Airlines and, from there, choose the option of booking the flight and then fill in all the details; while paying for the ticket, you can redeem the miles and get the discount as per the rules of the airline because all airlines have their own rules and regulations like how many points one can use while booking their flight and rest you can pay with the card. If there are some remaining miles, one can easily use them to buy food and drinks on the plane. One can use American Airlines miles to book on Alaska Air or upgrade in Alaska.

Can I upgrade to Alaska with American miles?

Yes, with the fantastic facilities of american miles, you can upgrade to any class according to the miles you have in your account. You can easily upgrade to another class on the plane while travelling. It is a hassle-free process, and anyone can use it easily. If one has yet to use all the American Airlines miles to book on Alaska Air, they can use it to upgrade to Alaska. 

Can I use American Airlines credit to book on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can use american airlines credit to book on Alaska Airlines. Through their partner award programme, american airlines allow you to book Alaska Airlines tickets using your travel credits. American Airlines credit can only be used to book on the affiliated airlines with american airlines. There is one thing to remember while booking the flight: depending on the route and the airline, the number of credits needed and the availability of flights might change. To be sure once, check all the terms and conditions provided by the American and Alaska airlines for the surety. 

Can I use American Airlines points on other airlines?

Yes, you can use American Airlines points on other airlines, but before that, make sure that the airline is affiliated with your respective airlines; if you need more clarification on that, please refer to the terms and conditions of the individual airlines. To use the points on another airline: 

  • Go to their home page.
  • Make sure you read all the terms and conditions provided by the airlines.
  • Go to the book my ticket section and fill in all the details.
  • While paying for the booked ticket, use the redeem points options and pay for your ticket.
  • If any issue arises, please reach the airline's service centre and follow up on their steps.


Please read all the airlines' terms and conditions before booking the tickets or redeeming the points. It will help you with the process and give you an easier route to book or redeem the points of the specific airlines. If you face any difficulties, please get in touch with the respective airline's service centre.

Thank you 

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