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How to claim lost Baggage at Lufthansa

Welcome to the beautiful world of Lufthansa, one of the leading airlines in the world. While most airline passengers' checked bags arrive at their destination on time and in the condition received, a passenger's bag may occasionally become damaged, delayed, or lost in transit. In this situation, you may come across a query about How to claim lost Baggage at Lufthansa. Call 1 (800) 645-3880 to get connected to the Lufthansa Airline's Transportation Department. They will tell you about the different processes you have to do. Lufthansa Airline takes responsibility for your lost Baggage and compensates for your lost items. Airlines must also refund any fees you paid the Airline to transport the lost bag. 

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What happens when Lufthansa loses your Baggage?

If the Luggage needs to be added to or finished, the travellers must wait at least 20 days before doing so. Within 20 days, the Airline considers a bag missing if it is still hunting for it. To make the procedure quick and simple, travellers should submit their baggage receipts, a list of the things contained in their lost Luggage, or photos of their approved belongings within 21 days if Lufthansa Airlines loses their Luggage.  

Does Lufthansa compensate for lost Baggage?

Yes, Lufthansa compensated you for your lost Luggage. Passengers must file a claim for reimbursement after 21 days of the Baggage's disappearance. You can also get in touch with Lufthansa Airlines' customer service department. 

How Do I Contact Lufthansa About Lost Baggage?

It will take some time to connect the call with the Lufthansa Airline customer service specialist if a person is inconvenienced due to missing Luggage. Their phone number is 1 (800) 645-3880. The customer should wait for them to connect before sharing information about lost Luggage, such as luggage check-in receipts and photos of your carried products or valuables. It will simplify the Airline's lost baggage assistant's identification of the bags.  

How can I claim lost Baggage at Lufthansa?

It is necessary to file a luggage Irregularity Report with Lufthansa customer care within seven days of the arrival of the planned flight to begin a lost luggage claim request. Follow the steps below to learn more if you're asking.

How Can I claim missing Baggage at Lufthansa 

  • The Lufthansa Baggage Counter and Lufthansa Customer Service Counter at the Airport are where travellers can report problems.
  • Customers can also utilise the contact form on the official website to submit a missing baggage report.
  • You should go to the Lufthansa website; it would be ideal.
  • Please tap the symbol for contact to access the contact form and additional options.
  • To contribute information such as last trip details, lost baggage receipts, and supporting documentation, click the contact form link and fill out the form.

How long does it take Lufthansa to find lost Baggage?

Airlines try to track down mishandled bags and return them to their customers. Otherwise, the Airline tries to locate 80% of the missing Baggage within 36 to 48 hours and deliver it unharmed back to its owners. At the destination airport, 15% to 16% of the items are damaged, and 4% are stolen or lost.

How much does Lufthansa pay for the delayed Baggage?

According to the rules set forth by Lufthansa, missing Luggage cannot be paid for items like clothing and toiletries. To compensate for the customers' loss, the Airline reimburses travellers for lost Baggage up to 1500 euros. Expensive objects, including laptops, cash, and jewellery, are exempt from liability. 


Lufthansa takes responsibility for their passenger's lost Baggage. Lufthansa Airline is not liable if the bag already has damage or if the damage resulted from poor packing. It would be best to have lost baggage receipts or other proof of any expensive items in the lost luggage. This article will give you all the knowledge required for claiming your lost Baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report lost baggage to Lufthansa?

A. Report lost baggage to Lufthansa at the airport's Lost and Found desk or through their online reporting system.

Q. What information should I provide when reporting lost baggage to Lufthansa?

A. Provide your baggage tag, flight details, contact information, and a description of your luggage.

Q. What is the typical process for recovering lost baggage with Lufthansa?

A. Lufthansa will search for your lost baggage. You can track the progress online and receive updates.

Q. Is there a time limit for reporting lost baggage to Lufthansa?

A. Report lost baggage to Lufthansa as soon as possible, ideally before leaving the airport, to expedite the search process.

Q. What compensation or assistance can I expect for my lost baggage with Lufthansa?

A. Lufthansa provides compensation for essential items during the search and may offer reimbursement if your baggage isn't found. Details are available on their website.


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