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How do I get a refund from Alitalia?

You recently cancelled your Alitalia Airlines flight ticket, and the money has not come yet; you are worried about it. Therefore, you are looking for what to do. As per the refund request policy, after cancellation, and it is a must to send a refund request to the airlines to attain a  reimbursement. Thus, if you do not know how to do this, there are two methods. To learn about them, you should go through the content below.


Request for a refund by calling : 

call the Alitalia person on this Alitalia Customer Services Phone Number +1 (833) 549-4777 / 011 39 06 65649; in a few seconds, the call diverts to IVR commands you must hear adequately. Choose the buttons according to your choice.


  • Select 1 for book the ticket at Alitalia Airlines
  • Select 2 for change the flight journey
  • Select 3 for cancel the booking,
  • Select 4  for request a refund, 
  • Select 5 to get in touch with Alitalia person


After that, you may choose the 4th button to request a refund from Alitalia Airlines. After that, the airline picks up the call, may request a refund, and share all the recommended and necessary information with them. Further, the refund process starts soon; your email will show its tracking status.


Request a Refund through  Manage Booking : 

  • Go to the proper site of Alitalia Airlines on your search engine
  • Click on the “My trip” section, and add the booking number and passenger surname.
  • Click on the search button and view the full booking information you will get.
  • Search for the “refund” option and click on it.
  • The “refund request form” opens; you need to fill out the form with all the recommended information and process to submit it.


Exploring the Length of Time to Get a Refund from Alitalia Airlines?

It will take 10 working days to get a refund from Alitalia Airlines after the day of submitting the refund request.


What is the Alitalia Airline refund policy?

The Alitalia refund policy depends on the fares up to which you have purchased. Here are the general rules : 

  • You can request a full refund for refundable fares up to 24 hours before your flight’s leaving. After that, depending on the fare rules, you may be eligible for a partial refund.
  • You are only entitled to a refund for non-refundable fares if your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed. In these cases, you may be eligible for a refund of the ticket cost minus any cancellation fees.
  • You can request a refund by contacting Alitalia’s customer service department. You can do this easily via online, via  phone, or via mail.
  • Alitalia can take up to 10 working days to process a refund request.
  • Refunds to original form of payment: Refunds will be made to the actual mode of payment. If the original form of payment is no longer avail you will be issued an e-credit.


How to Locate the Alitalia Phone Number to Solve Refunds-Related Issues?

The Alitalia Phone Number to solve refund-related queries is +1 (833) 549-4777 / 011 39 06 65649; therefore, calling this number will help you in sorting out all difficulties of any topic like refund cancellation, change, upgrade, asking anything or more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I initiate a refund request with Alitalia?

A. Visit Alitalia's website or contact their customer support for assistance with the refund process.

Q. What is Alitalia's refund policy for canceled flights?

A. Alitalia offers refunds for eligible canceled flights. Refer to their policy for specific details and conditions.

Q. How long does it take to receive a refund from Alitalia?

A. Refund processing times vary but typically take a few weeks. Contact Alitalia for a more accurate estimate.

Q. Can I request a refund for non-refundable tickets with Alitalia?

A. Alitalia may allow refunds for certain non-refundable tickets under specific circumstances. Check their policy for eligibility criteria.

Q. Is there a customer support number I can call for refund assistance?

A. Yes, you can reach Alitalia's customer support at +1 (833) 549-4777 for help with your refund request.


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