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How do I contact Booking com

Booking.com is one of the largest travel agencies in Amsterdam. Its app was the most downloaded in 2022 in the category of travel agencies. The travel agency is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. And has served millions of customers since 1996. One may wish to explore the services of the agency but may have confusion on  

Grab The Details To know about How do I contact Booking com?

Well, the agency is quick and responsible for handling its customers' questions and provides multiple options to contact Booking.com. You can choose to call us or send a message. 

If you are from the USA and want to get connected to your local office of Booking.com, choose your preferred number and contact.

  • The USA Austin - +17133571674
  • The USA Boston - +1 8577024044
  • The USA Chicago - +1 3122798537
  • The USA Denver - +13033894222
  • The USA Honolulu - +1 8084574810
  • The USA Houston - +1 7133571674
  • The USA Las Vegas - +1 7027615444
  • The USA Los Angeles - +1 3238014140
  • The USA Miami - +1 7865428333
  • The USA Nashville - +1 6159162882

Where can I ask questions on Booking com?

Let's say you are planning a fun stay and not sure about the places to explore. Here comes Booking.com to help you and make you stay in the best of the places. Do you want to learn more about the deals and packages of booking.com? Not to worry, we can answer all of your questions. You just have to call us because we are a call away. Pick up your phone and dial our 24*7 available customer care numbers. We want you to reach Booking.com easily and quickly. Hence you need to be ready with your confirmation number and PIN, which you will find at the top of your confirmation email. Punch in these details and hit continue.   

How do I contact booking com customer service?

Above is mentioned a process to send us queries, but if you don't have any details with you, you can sign or create a new account and contact our customer service by dialling 0008 000 016 075 and get connected to a customer service representative. 

How can I contact booking.com by phone?

For any concerns about booking, refunds, or property details, you can choose from various methods, but we know your priority is to talk to a live person to get your answers in a quick and easy manner. Hence you can dial our contact number, 0008 000 016 075, and speak to a person. That service is available 24 hours.  

Does booking com have a live chat?

That's right, Booking.com has a live chat process. Make sure to follow these steps to use the chat facility.

  • Go to the extranet.
  • Look for the 'inbox' tab
  • Click 'See Contact Options'
  • Select account
  • Select other
  • Now choose from a message or call. 

Booking.com live chat hours

Booking.com live chat is available 24 hours, but you have to follow a particular method to start a chat with us. You are supposed to go to the extranet and then to the inbox option. And follow the steps as per your requirement.  

Booking.com live chat is not working

You must be sure to contact Booking.com via the extranet. You may have to face inconvenience while trying any other source. Generally, we see people post their queries on partner forums and wait for a response which they won't get from booking.com. Hence always use the extranet. As whenever you look for contact booking.com, it will take you to a dedicated link for phone calls and messages. Here is the link below.Contact Booking.Com    

Is booking com live chat available 24/7?

The answer is yes. Our chat option is available 24*7. However, if you want to contact booking.com from Canada, check the list below. 

  • Canada Calgary – +1 5879528520
  • Canada Montreal – +1 5142285955
  • Canada Toronto – +1 6477774170
  • Canada Vancouver – +1 7783742740

How can I complain to booking.com

If there is something bothering you about our services or platform, raise your concern with us, so we can sort it out for you. Maybe others are facing the same issue. 

Consider these steps to raise complaints with us.

  • Visit the Dispute Resolution Centre at Grievance Officer.
  • Choose a partner.
  • Type in your relevant details.
  • Choose a topic of your concern. 
  • Write your issue with a proper explanation.
  • Hit send. 

Where can I find the customer number on Booking com?

New users often come with easy queries. At times they are not sure of their customer number and want to find it through us. However, they are not supposed to be confused or bothered because finding the customer booking number is easy, and you don't have to contact anyone for that. Just check the booking confirmation email, and there it is. And in case you still can't find it, visit booking.com/help, and we will resend your confirmation.   

What is the phone number for Booking com?

The phone number to contact booking.com is 0008 000 016 075, and it's in service 24*7. Just to remind, you have to go to the extranet and follow the procedure to send a message or call us. You can go through the complete process above in the article.

Here is a list of local offices of Bookng.com for the UK people. 

United Kingdom – Bristol – +44 1173008470

United Kingdom – Edinburgh – +44 1312473575

United Kingdom – London – +442086128159

How can I cancel my booking on booking.com

The cancellation process is quite smooth, and you can easily follow it.

If you have decided to cancel your booking, just visit your account and follow the procedure. Start with selecting your booking, then find the cancel button, read the cancellation policy, hit submit if you have understood the terms and conditions or contact us for more details.  

How can I cancel for free on booking.com

You won't have to pay any amount if you have a free cancellation booking. But if your booking is not free after some time, you have to pay the cancellation fee.To cancel your booking.

  • Go to your account.   
  • Select bookings.
  • Select the booking you like to cancel.
  • Scroll down to find the 'Cancel your booking' button. 
  • Go through the cancellation policy. 
  • Submit and cancel and check your inbox for cancellation email.

How much does a cancellation at the booking.com cost

We at Booking.com charge a commission on confirmed stays and on non-refundable bookings. Whether the guest stayed or not and the cost of booking cancellation depends on the property. However, there are options when you don't have to pay any commission.  

How do I get my money back from booking.com

When your guest makes a booking and pays the booking amount online, we send you a virtual credit card with the booking details. The virtual card has the same value as the booking amount. You can charge the VCC as any other card.   

How long does it take for booking.com to reply? 

Booking.com responds quickly and responsibly. You can get a resolution of your issue instantly, as we handle queries 24*7. But in some cases where we need to check the details properly, it may take up to 24 hours to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Booking.com's customer service phone number?

A. You can contact Booking.com's customer service by calling their designated phone number, typically found on their website.

Q. Is there a specific email address for inquiries to Booking.com?

A. Yes, you can often contact Booking.com via email for inquiries and support.

Q. Are there customer service hours for Booking.com?

A. Booking.com's customer service is available 24/7, but check their website for specific hours.

Q. Can I modify or cancel a reservation through Booking.com's customer service?

A. You can often modify or cancel bookings by contacting Booking.com's customer service, but review their policies for details.

Q. Is there an in-person office or counter for Booking.com customer service?

A. Booking.com primarily provides online and phone support; they don't typically have physical offices for customer service.


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