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How do I contact AeroMexico if I lose my luggage

The national airline of Mexico is Aerovias de Mexico, doing business at Aeromexico and is headquartered in Mexico City. It offers scheduled transport to more than 90 locations. Did you lose your bag? How do I contact AeroMexico if I lose my luggage? No need to be worried if your baggage is lost. You can easily complain to the AeroMexico service centre about lost luggage, and they'll do their best to help their customers. Customers can choose the services as per their comfort.

Lost Luggage? How to Contact AeroMexico Customer Service for Quick Claims

The fastest way to reach AeroMexico is through their Facebook page. They can choose the online service as well as the offline services. Customers with offline choice can go to the nearest AeroMexico service centre the airline provides, and online customers can mail at amluggage@aeromexico.com. They will provide the tracking number that the customer can use to see where their luggage is and how long it will take to reach them.

How to claim your baggage with Aeromexico?

After filing the complaint with the airlines, one should wait for their reply, and after getting the reply, only then can they further process the details. After fulfilling all the necessary details asked by the airlines to claim the baggage, one can get their baggage.

How to track lost and damaged baggage?

Go to the airline's official website and email them regarding your baggage, and after the customer receives the reply from the centre, they can further process the procedure. In the mail, they'll give a tracking id that the customers can use to track their baggage. They can go to the official website and click on the track my baggage option, and after that, put the tracking number where it is required and receive all the details they need; if they do not get the desired result from the mail, they can try emailing again.

How to get compensation for delayed baggage? 

Send a Whatsapp message to +52 1 55 5133 400 to contact Aeromexico. The benefit of whatsapp is that even foreign customers can reach the airlines from the comfort of their homes. People quickly get a response if they reach the airlines through Facebook. If not responded to by Facebook, the person can use this method. Type english and then human because it will be another robot you will be talking to. Then go into details about your luggage and tell them what you are looking for and all the details related to the baggage. 

They will provide you with the claim number. Then they will compensate you with the necessary items you use while looking for your baggage. Then they will ask for the details like phone number, name, and email. Then you will receive an email regarding the next steps to your compensation and how much you will receive per day for your missing baggage. 


If you ever lose your baggage or your bag gets delayed due to some circumstances, you should stay calm and reach the nearest place next to the airport and buy all the necessary items you might use while waiting for your bag. They will reimburse the amount you'll use to buy the necessary items. Don't sit and wonder how I can contact AeroMexico if I lose my luggage. Launch the complaint and wait for the reply. After getting the reply, you can follow the rest of the steps and claim baggage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I contact AeroMexico if I lose my luggage?

A. You can contact AeroMexico's Lost and Found department by visiting their website for contact information or visiting the airport's baggage service office.

Q. What information should I provide when reporting lost luggage to AeroMexico?

A. Share your flight details, baggage tag, contact information, and a description of the lost luggage.

Q. Is there a specific time frame to report lost luggage to AeroMexico?

A. Report lost luggage to AeroMexico as soon as possible to initiate the search process.

Q. Can I track the status of my lost luggage report with AeroMexico?

A. AeroMexico often allows you to track the status of your lost luggage report online.

Q. What compensation or assistance can I expect for lost luggage with AeroMexico?

A. AeroMexico provides compensation for essential items during the search and may offer reimbursement if your luggage isn't found. Check their policy for details.


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