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The government owns the national airline of Egypt. Cairo International Airport serves as the airline's major hub and base of operation. It offers scheduled passenger and freight connections to 81 locations across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Egyptair is a member of Star Alliance. Egyptair provides good customer service—no need to be worried if your baggage is lost. You can easily complain to Egyptair about lost luggage, and they'll do their best to help their customers.

Lost Luggage Hassles? Here's How to Complain to Egyptair Customer Service and Claim Compensation!

The customers should file the complaint in writing to Egyptair as soon as possible if their baggage is damaged, lost, destroyed, or delayed. If there is checked luggage damage, this complaint must be filed within seven days, and if there is a delay, the customer should file the complaint within 21 days. These time frames begin on the day when the passenger first has access to the baggage. The carrier will not be held responsible if the customer crosses the time limit and fills out the complaint. 

How do I contact Egyptair customer service?

Customers can choose the services as per their comfort. They can choose the online service as well as the offline services. Customers with offline choice can go to the nearest Egyptair service centre provided by the airlines, and online customers can dial 1717 from their mobile phones or 090070000 from any landline within Egypt. And foreign passengers can contact us through the mail, and they will reply within 48 hours.

How do I email Egyptair about lost baggage?

Customers can mail mybaggage@egyptair.com  regarding the issue of their lost baggage. While waiting for the reply, the customer should make a list of important items that they were carrying in their bags, and when asked, they can easily send the details and claim the refund.

How do I check the status of my lost baggage, Egyptair?

After filing the complaint about their baggage, the Egyptair service provides the customer with the details and a tracking code. They can visit the airline's official page and click on the Tracked Baggage option, and after putting in the tracking code, they will get all the details regarding their baggage and can proceed with the process.

How do I claim lost luggage from Egyptair?

One should file the complaint within seven days of when they lost the baggage. Otherwise, the airline is not responsible for the baggage. While filing the complaint, one should fill it properly with all the necessary details and submit it. They should wait for the reply and might get it within 48 hours. After that, if their baggage is still nowhere to be found, they can easily make a list of valuable items with proof and then claim the price of their valuable items.

How do I ask Egyptair for compensation for lost luggage?

One can reach the nearest service centre or can call customer care. Complaint Egyptair about lost luggage and tell the details like what you had in your bag and how expensive the items the customer was travelling with were. They'll tell the details if the customer is eligible for compensation. If yes, then the customer can go further with the process to claim the compensation, and if not, then the service centre will tell the customer what to do in that condition.

Is there compensation for delayed baggage?

Only if all reasonable steps were made to prevent the delay or it was impossible to take such actions Egyptair to be responsible for any luggage delay. The maximum amount of liability for delayed baggage is 1,131 SDRs


As Egyptair is good with their services, people should wait for the reply and refrain from spamming customer service with emails regarding the issue they are facing. By doing this, they will only be wasting their chances to be noticed, which might delay the process. The customer should remain humble while going through the process and wait for the reply from the other end. Egyptair will do its best to help the ones in need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report lost luggage to EgyptAir?

A. You can report lost luggage to EgyptAir at the airport's baggage service office or through their online reporting system.

Q. What information should I provide when reporting lost luggage to EgyptAir?

A. Include your baggage tag, flight details, contact information, and a description of your luggage.

Q. Can I track the status of my lost luggage report with EgyptAir?

A. Yes, you can often track the progress of your lost luggage report on EgyptAir's website or app.

Q. Is there a time limit for reporting lost luggage to EgyptAir?

A. Report lost luggage to EgyptAir as soon as you discover it's missing to expedite the search process.

Q. What compensation or assistance can I expect for my lost luggage with EgyptAir?

A. EgyptAir provides compensation for essential items during the search and may offer reimbursement if your luggage isn't found. Check their website for details.


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