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How Do I Call At Oman Air Customer Service

Oman Air is the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman. It is based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb, Muscat and operates domestic and international passenger services, as well as regional air taxi and charter flights.

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If you are planning a trip with Oman Air and want to know how to contact its agents then you need not to be worried. In this article, we have tried to inform you completely about Oman Airlines, how to its contact agents, how to raise a complaint and its helpline number. 

How To Contact Oman Air Customer Service? 

There are numerous ways to contact the customer service of Oman Air. 

Some of them are discussed below -

Mail Address :

You can mail your queries to the office of American Airlines. Just write and

send your queries. Below is the address mentioned by American Airlines you

can use:

P.O. Box 58 | P.C.111 | Muscat International Airport

Social Media :

For more precise advice, you can use the chat option as sometimes the voice breaks on the phone call or some call holding glitch. Communicating with the representative on chat will provide you with a conversation copy to help you when needed. As Oman Air is available on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. So you can also use these platforms to reach their customer service. 

Do I Speak To A Person At Oman Airlines? 

Yes you can speak to an agent of Oman Airlines. For that you can use the below mentioned information to contact the representatives of Oman Air :

  • For the US, Reservations / Ticketing, you can call on +968 - 24356304 or Email at info@omanairusa.com
  •  For the UK, dial +968 - 24356304. They are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, in both English and Arabic. You can get assistance in other languages also but it is only offered during regular business hours.
  •  For Oman, dial+968 - 24356304. They are available all around the clock , including weekends and holidays, and assistance is offered in both English and Arabic. 
  •  For Saudi Arabia, call+968 24531111. Service is offered round-the-clock, every day of the week—including weekends and holidays—in English and Arabic. Assistance in other languages is available only during regular business hours.
  •  For Switzerland, call+968 24531111. Available in German, our Call Centre is available from Monday to Friday, 09.30 to 12.00 & 13.30 to 16.00 (local time). English language assistance is available every minute of the day.

How Do I Speak To A Person At Oman Airlines? 

If you want to seek the assistance of the representatives of Oman Airlines but you don't know how. Then you should follow the below mentioned steps to speak to an agent of Oman Airlines :

  • Firstly visit the official website of Oman Airlines and search for the available contact numbers. 
  • After dialing the official number of Oman Airlines, you will get connected with the agent. 
  • The agent will guide you related to your queries and try to resolve your issues in no time. 

You can freely contact the representatives of Oman Air for any queries related to ticket booking, managing booking, baggage issues or check in issues. 

How Can I Complain To Oman Air? 

If you have faced some difficulties while traveling by Oman Airlines then you can raise your complaint against Oman Airlines. The Airline will listen and address your problem and try to provide a straightforward process for complaints. 

You can easily file a complaint and submit feedback by choosing Oman Air Complaint Feedback. Follow the below mentioned steps to raise a complaint against Oman Air :

Firstly visit the official page of Oman Air. 

  • Click on the "Submit a complaint" option. 
  • Express your issues by using the Comment field. 
  • Enter the required details such as your name and email properly.

How Do I Contact Oman Air Muscat? 

You can easily contact the Oman Air Muscat Service Centre by making a phone call or by emailing them. 

Email for Oman Customers: 

  • cargosdu.mct@omanair.com.
  • Phone: +968 24531111.
  • Business Hours: Sun to Thu: 07:00 - 18:00.
  •  Network Service Center - International Customers.


How Far In Advance Can I Check In With Oman Air? 

The question about check-in time is frequently asked by passengers, and

Oman Air advises them to check in online as it saves a lot of time, and you can utilize your time on other things. If you go for the airport check-in. You have to stand in a queue, and most of your time will get wasted. You have to just drop off your luggage 12 hours before the flight is due to depart. Additionally, early check-in is possible up to 8 hours before flight departure.

What Is The Oman Airline Helpline Number? 

You can contact +968 24531111 in case you want to get connected to the representatives of Oman Air. You can also connect with them through Oman Air Check-in. 

Here, we have tried to accommodate relatively all the details about Oman Airlines, what it is, how to contact its agent, and its helpline number. We have also tried to answer the probable questions that customers might wonder about.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the customer service number for Oman Air?

A. You can reach Oman Air's customer service by calling their official phone number, typically provided on their website.

Q. What are the customer service hours for Oman Air?

A. Oman Air's customer service typically operates 24/7, but verify current hours on their website.

Q. Can I contact Oman Air through email for inquiries?

A. Yes, you can often reach Oman Air via email for inquiries and support.

Q. Is there an in-person office or counter for Oman Air customer service?

A. Oman Air may have physical offices or counters for in-person assistance. Check their website for locations.

Q. How can I provide feedback or submit a complaint to Oman Air?

A. You can provide feedback or lodge complaints with Oman Air through their official website or by contacting their customer service.


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