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Delta Airline name change policy, correction & process

The delta name correction policy of Delta Air Lines states that the airline will, for a fee, permit minor corrections to be made to confirmed bookings. Delta Airlines is required to follow the guidelines established by the Department of Transportation when it comes to correcting a passenger's name. This is done to ensure that the name on the ticket precisely matches the name on the passenger's passport or other form of official photo identification.


In addition, the delta name correction policy of Delta Air Lines does not permit the transfer of ownership of a reservation from one traveller to another. The following conditions need to be satisfied before a name change can be made on a Delta airline ticket: 


  • Airlines must operate flights, and ticket stock must begin with 006
  • Delta Airlines can only change ticket names on flight segments for codeshare or interline agreement flights. 
  • Delta Airlines name correction allows one reissue per ticket.
  • Flight date, fare class, and origin/destination point cannot be changed—no gender or birthdate changes are allowed.
  • Minor Delta name correction policy corrects three characters are allowed. 
  • Delta's name change policy covers gender and DOB changes.
  • Due to booking errors, only date of birth corrections were allowed.
  • The requests include one passenger correction. Delta's change passenger name policy does not cover other personal information changes. 
  • Reissue tickets if Delta Airlines' name correction request has been processed once and needs more changes.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

Delta name correction policy executives must help change flight names. Before continuing, you should know some standard guidelines. You can only contact the service : 

  • If Your name still needs correction after you corrected it. 
  • More than three passenger name letters must be corrected. 
  • Travelling to or from India. 
  • You fly to or from China. 
  • Other airlines include Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, KLM, Air France, and Aeromexico. 


All of these situations require contacting Delta. In addition, they are available for guidance 24/7. Please note that you do not need to contact the airline agent for minor corrections. 

  • Important minor name correction policy points are below.
  • It applies to all Delta Airlines Tickets from 006. 
  • Delta Airlines must operate all flights on the ticket, including connection carriers. 
  • Name changes can only be reissued once per traveller. 
  • Remember these Delta Airlines name correction policy points. 

Ways to Change the Name on a Delta Flight Ticket

Delta lets customers change their reservations online via the mobile app, phone, and text. Their text assistant is my favourite way to work with them, but each method is easy.


Each ticket type is treated equally. This policy applies regardless of ticket fare class. You must use one of these methods to change your name if it doesn't match your government-issued ID to fly.

Delta Name Changes Online

Online name changes are available on Delta's website. Go to the managed booking page, enter your confirmation number and last name, and change your name. Again, most new names can only change three letters or less.

Delta Name Changes via Phone Call

Call Delta's customer service number to speak to a Global Sales Support agent about the name change. The number is  +1 (833) 549-4777 / 800-221-1212. The agent will likely require your flight confirmation number, name, travel dates, and destination to prove your identity.

Delta Mobile App Name Change

If allowed, the Delta Airlines mobile app allows simple name changes. Log in to the app, tap the reservation you want to change and tap "modify flights." You can make changes here if they meet Delta's requirements.


This is convenient because it displays all Delta flight reservations. Make minor name changes without searching for a confirmation email or contacting a travel agent.

Delta Name Changes via Text

Texting Delta is my favourite way to contact them. Their world-class texting assistant can answer questions and connect you with a Delta agent via text. This tool has helped me change my bookings' names and more.


Delta is one of the best airlines in the world because of the texting assistant. The texting assistant simplifies customer service without hours on hold by adding lap infants and changing flight details and dates. Workers need this because they can start the conversation while working and respond to Delta via text when they can.

Fee to name change/correct name on delta airline

If a name correction request is made less than 24 hours after booking, Delta Airlines will charge a fee of 125 USD for changing a passenger's name. The booking would be reissued for the same level of service as the original reservation. There may be some differences in the fares.


If the name change were requested after 24 hours, the Delta name change fee would be 275 USD. The reservation would be made in the same fare class or the next lower available one. There may be some differences in the fares.

Delta Airlines name change customer service

As a result, these are the steps you need to take to change the name on your flight ticket with Delta Airlines. You can also change your name by calling Delta Airlines' customer service department and asking them to change the name on your flight ticket. This option is available to you if you fly with Delta.


 Please refer to the instructions that are listed below: 

  • Call the airline and follow their instructions to change the name on your flight ticket.
  • Contact the Delta Airlines customer service department by calling them. 
  • To retrieve your booking, the assistant must Give your six-digit Delta PNR or booking reference ID. 
  • It would help if you inquired with the available assistant about changing your name on your airline ticket. 
  • Send either a copy of your passport or a photo ID issued by the government so we can validate your identity through email. 
  • You will be responsible for paying the Delta Airlines's fee to change your name. After completing the transaction, the confirmation email of your name change will be sent to the email address on file with Delta Airlines. 

Delta airline guideline for name change / correction

Passengers, before they proceed, need to fulfill the following criteria to make corrections in their flight tickets to the Delta Airlines Name Change Guidelines:

  • The name changes/correction applies only to the Delta 006 ticket.
  • Passengers must have a flight ticket for Delta-operated flights only.
  • Name correction can be done only once, i.e., only one ticket reissue is allowed per passenger.
  • Name changes/correction does not change the passengers, i.e., the same passengers should be the traveller.
  • Other important data on the ticket, like Secure Flight Passengers Data, should remain the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Delta Name Correction Policy?

A. Delta Airlines allows name corrections for misspellings and typos. Minor name corrections of up to 3 characters are usually free, but name changes of more characters or due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc, are not.

Q. When can a name correction be requested?

A. It is possible for a person to request that their name be corrected on the booked ticket if it was entered incorrectly.

Q. Are there any fees associated with name corrections?

A. Delta offers free minor ticket name corrections. The name change fee for major ticket reissues is usually USD 200.

Q. What documents are required for a name correction?

A. A valid id proof which is government-issued like a driving licence, marriage certificate.

Q. Can I correct the name of a passenger on a group booking?

A. Under Flight Details, select Split Booking. Choose the passenger to split into new bookings and confirm. Successful division creates a new booking with a unique PNR.


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