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American Airlines name change / correction policy

In the American Airlines Name Correction Policy, Writing an incorrect name on the PNR is normal now. Sometimes, when passengers book their flight tickets, they book their reservations with an incorrect name. When they recognize their name incorrectly on the flight ticket, they want to correct their name on the flight ticket. So, American Airlines Name correction policy allows the passengers to correct their name on the flight ticket with their guidelines.

For more information about American Airlines name change/correction policy, call  +1 (833) 549-4777 / (800) 433-7300. You will get the best assistance from the best representative of United Airlines as per your needs. 

American Airlines name correction on the ticket via Airport

The American Airlines Name Correction Policy allows you to modify your name on the ticket; you first take your boarding pass and then go to the American Airlines airport ticket counter. Now you can contact customer services, who will correct the name on the ticket. Passengers wishing to change their name through the contact center should contact them for name correction. Then, typically, we will meet the passengers at the airport and help them with their name alteration process.


American Airlines Name Correction Policy on name alteration: They take your driving licence government-issued ID for your name correction, including a management fee that might be charged to any passenger's name correction through this method. The cost will not be charged for minor name correction; if the name correction is major, $25 must be paid once the name correction has been finished and all necessary alterations have been made.

American Airlines name correction online.

In the American Airline Name Correction Policy, correct the name online; here are some steps : 

  • Firstly, go to the Official website of American Airlines.
  • Now, you can click the “My Trips” option on the homepage.
  • Then provide your booking information to go ahead.
  • Now, go along with the “ Find Booking” option to take the complete list of reservations. 
  • Now, choose the particular one that you want to name corrections.
  • Here is the page to create the changes and corrections in the name.
  • When the correction is done, pay the applied cost to finish the process.

American Airlines name change via mobile app

In the American airline Name correction policy, Sometimes passengers cannot go to the airport for name correction. That's why American Airlines also provides their airline reservation mobile app where passengers correct their name on the flight ticket via mobile app without interruption. Here are the steps: 

  • Firstly, passengers should open the American Airlines reservation app on their mobile.
  • Now, you can click the "My Trips" option on the mobile app's homepage.
  • Then you provide your booking information to go ahead.
  • Now, go along with the "Find Booking" option to take the full list of reservations. 
  • Now select the particular one which you want to correct your name.
  • Here is the page to create the required changes and corrections in the name.
  • When the correction is done, pay the applied cost to finish the process.

Key guideline name correction for American Airlines

American Airlines defines the rules for various errors corrected in visitors' names. The processing fee also varies as per the nature of name correction.

The following are the key or guidelines you need to follow while correcting your name on the ticket:

  • Firstly, you will visit the American Airlines official website and head to the My Trips section on the homepage.
  • Afterwards, you need to enter your booking details in the respective field.
  • After entering your account login, enter the last and first name in the specified box.
  • You can hit the ‘Search Reservation’ button to access the full list.
  • Overall, you will select a particular flight for name corrections.
  • Here, you can alter the name after paying the applicable fee for your ticket.

Rules for generating Corrections in Passenger’s Name

  • Passengers can correct minor spelling mistakes per the relevant American Airlines name correction policy.
  • American Airlines allows you to completely modify a passenger’s surname in legal conditions such as wedding or divorce.
  • Similarly, passengers can alter their last name only after showing the proper documentation.

American Airlines name correction customer service

The American Airlines Name Correction Policy has many ways to correct your name on the flight ticket, like online, offline, Via Airport and customer services. Sometimes, some passengers are very busy and want to change their names easily without any effort. Then, they get help from customer services. So they contact customer services for name correction on the ticket with the help of customer care number  +1 (833) 549-4777 / (800) 433-7300.  You'll need to send us related documents for name correction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the American Airlines name correction fee?

A. The Name correction fee in American Airlines is free for minor name correction; if the name correction is major, the fee is $25.

Q. When is the name correction fee applicable?

A. The name correction fee applies to major name corrections on the flight tickets.

Q. How do I pay the name correction fee?

A. You can pay the name correction fee with the demand draft, cash, or postal order.

Q. Can I change the name on my American Airlines ticket completely?

A. Yes, You can change. It comes on the American Airlines name change policy and the major name correction guidelines, and you should pay for the complete name correction as per guidelines.

Q. What documents are required for a name correction with American Airlines?

A. For name correction with American Airlines name correction policy, you should carry these documents for name correction like your marriage certificate, government-issued ID, or driving licence.


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