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Airline Unaccompanied Minors Policy 2023

Unaccompanied minors are children or young individuals under 18 separated from their parents or legal guardians and not cared for by another responsible adult. They often flee conflict, violence, poverty, or being forced into labour or marriage in their home countries. These minors may undertake dangerous journeys, often crossing borders without proper documentation and facing various risks. To protect them from this, Airlines have their separate Unaccompanied minor policy. This policy gives access to these Unaccompanied minors to travel on their airline. Let's look at some of the important Airline's Unaccompanied minor policy:


  • Airlines accept unaccompanied minors aged 5-17. Check with the airline for age limits.
  • Airlines offer Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service for young travellers' safety. Staff assistance is provided from check-in to final destination.
  • Booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor may have extra fees. Fees vary by airline, so check the cost beforehand.
  • The airline may need birth certificates or notarized letters to prove the child's relationship with the adult.
  • Some airlines restrict unaccompanied minors' flights, like no connections or only direct flights.


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Cheapest Airlines unaccompanied minor fee

$150 is the standard fee for unaccompanied minors on major US airlines (United, Delta, American Airlines). Some airlines, like Southwest and Alaska, offer cheaper costs starting at $50. You should know about the fees. Connections increase the price. Alaska charges $75 for connecting flights. Routes can affect prices. Hawaiian Airlines charges $100 for mainland Hawaii flights and $35 for in-state flights.


Airlines Details Unaccompanied Minor

You've decided to send your child on their first solo adventure. The airline will assist them, but there are still things you can do to help them have a successful journey.

  • Tips for unaccompanied minors flying: advice from parents and airlines.
  • Explain the process. You and your kid are likely nervous. Emotional and mental preparation is crucial. Clarify trip details, expectations, support, and emergency procedures for peace of mind.
  • Charge gadgets. Kids hate it when their favourite device dies. Ensure devices are charged for the trip. Send the chargers!
  • AirTag: Great for tracking checked luggage.
  • Emergency Contacts: Create emergency contacts for quick problem-solving under challenging situations. 
  • Shorten Carry-ons. Travel light to avoid leaving things behind.


Airlines service for Unaccompanied minor

When booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor, it is essential to check the airline's specific requirements and guidelines. Typically, this service is available to children aged 5 to 17. The airline will provide you with forms and paperwork to complete. These will include emergency contacts and the names of individuals authorized to collect the minor at the destination.

On the day of the flight, the child will receive a special tag and meet their allocated airline representative, who will accompany them. The airline personnel will ensure that the child boarded the aircraft safely, sat in the correct seat, and received necessary assistance during the flight.


Key Guidelines for Airline Unaccompanied Minor

Children flying alone can be confusing and overwhelming. There are ways to make it easier for your child. Tips for a child flying alone: 

  • Choose a child's seat wisely - window seats for older kids and aisle seats for smaller kids.
  • Pack activities and snacks for your child's entertainment on the flight.
  • Get an electronic ticket for your child to avoid the hassle of a paper ticket during flights.
  • Remind your child to keep their ticket safe if they have a paper copy.
  • Teach your child to summon a flight attendant by pressing the overhead button.
  • Turbulence and loud sounds during takeoff. Be prepared.
  • Keep your phone during the flight if the airline needs to contact you.
  • See if your airline has a free app for messaging during the flight.
  • Consult your doctor for alternative options if your child needs medication during the flight. Many airlines do not permit flight attendants to administer medicine to minors.


Airlines discount for unaccompanied Minor booking.

One of the perks of booking an unaccompanied minor ticket is the discounted fare. Airlines often provide special rates for children travelling alone, making it more affordable for parents. These discounts can vary from airline to airline, so it's essential to research and compare different options. Discounts for unaccompanied minors usually apply to children between the ages of 5 and 17. Some airlines may have age restrictions or specific requirements regarding the child's ability to travel alone, so double-check the policies before booking.


Unaccompanied minor service is provided by every airline. If you want to travel as an unaccompanied minor, You should know about airlines' unaccompanied minor policies and services. Every airline offers the best services so minors don't feel stressed out. Keep safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are cheap unaccompanied minor flights?

A. Below are some of the airlines that provide the cheapest unaccompanied minor flights: Southwest Airlines offers unaccompanied minor service for $50 each way. Allegiant Air provides unaccompanied minor service for $75 per flight. Sun Country Airlines charges $75 per flight for unaccompanied minors supervision. Frontier Airlines charges $115 per flight for unaccompanied minors but still offers an affordable option. Alaska Airlines offers affordable unaccompanied minor service for $50 each way.

Q. Are there airlines that offer discounted rates for unaccompanied minors?

A. U.S. airlines charge a base fee of $150 each way, sometimes covering multiple children. Other airlines charge the same or less. Some airlines have strict rules for unaccompanied minors on international flights. Big airlines offer similar services, but details vary by airline and country.

Q. Is it safe to book cheap unaccompanied minor flights?

A. It's normal to feel stressed if your child or a youngster wants to travel on the airline. If your child is responsible and can handle everything alone, then it's safe to let them travel alone. You can take precautions by talking to the airline's customer care and then think about letting them travel alone.

Q. Can I modify or cancel cheap unaccompanied minor flights if needed?

A. Yes, you can modify or cancel cheap unaccompanied minor flights if needed. It's normal if your plan changes and you want to modify or cancel your reservation.

Q. What services are typically included in the fare for cheap unaccompanied minor flights?

A. Unaccompanied Minor Service is a special service for minors travelling alone. This service is often abbreviated as 'UMS'. Service quality varies by airline and staff. To book UMS, the parent or guardian must complete and sign a form with the names of the responsible adults for drop-off and pick-up. Airline staff will assist the UM from check-in to boarding. For connections, airline staff will escort the minor. Airline staff will accompany the minor from their flight, stay with them during the stop-over, and ensure they board the connecting flight. Upon arrival, the responsible adult listed in the UMS booking form must show identification to the airline staff before taking custody of the minor.


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